Corners of the audio mind

The internet is wonderful, isn’t it? Yet, I find myself visiting the same old audio web sites, online publications, and forums. So here’s a few links to some sites that you might not have come across. They’re chock full of information and, best of all, largely devoid of puffery and marketing.

The first is Art Ludwig’s Sound Page. I came across the site when I wanted to know more about the audibility of distortion in solid state and tube amps. His personal experiments, outlined in this section, seem to be a lot more rigorously designed than the kind your garden variety audiophile (including me) would employ. The rest of the website is full of useful insights and make for excellent reading. I’m sure that wherever you are in your audiophile journey, you’ll find something you can learn from Art’s site.

While the Sound Page contains a short tutorial on digital audio, I think the best FREE online book on the subject has to be the The Scientist’s and Engineer’s Guide to DSPEven if you have an electrical engineering degree, you still might want to give it a quick read and bookmark it. The book is written in a straightforward style with practical examples which illustrate the concepts quite effectively. Another rich resource for techniques in processing digital signals is the dspGuru website. It’s aimed towards practitioners, but if the online guide to DSP proves too boring (or if you’ve finished it), this might be a good place to enhance your understanding.

Finally, given the recent flap over Stereophile’s Facebook comments on head-fi’s DAC du jour, the Schiit Yggdrasil, caught some by surprise, I wasn’t terribly shocked. That’s because I came across this blog post on diyAudio months before the review posted to the newsstands and the interwebs. The blogger offers a fairly balanced critique of the wisdom of using an industrial DAC chip for an audio application, and pokes a few holes in the marketing behind Schiit’s custom ‘closed-form’ oversampling digital filter that the DAC employs.

Well, that’s it for now. If you’ve got links to sites and articles that have proved enlightening to you, feel free to share them. Hope to catch you on the flip side!

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