Waiting for Mac… D’oh!

My late 2008 MacBook Pro kicked the bucket back in February of this year. As I read the buyer’s guide on Mac Rumors, I realized that there was the promise of an entirely new model on the horizon. So I decided to wait. And wait. And wait some more.

Needless to say, my wife was not happy. Fast forward to Apple’s October announcement and I couldn’t make the purchase fast enough. You know the meme about shutting up and taking my money? Yeah, exactly.

So we were probably one of the first to get the new machine. It arrived right before Thanksgiving and getting it up and running was a snap. The new keyboard design took some getting used to, but after a few days I could type just as fast on it as on any normal keyboard.

Which brings us to a few days ago. That’s when I noticed that even though the computer was plugged in and the little lightning bolt appeared across the battery icon, the battery wasn’t charging. How did I know this? Because when I clicked on that icon in the top right of the screen, that’s what it said. Argh… My new machine was a dud. Now, I’ve owned two Apple computers before this latest model – a PowerBook G4 and the afore mentioned MacBook Pro. Neither of them were perfect. The G4 developed bright spots in the LCD panel and the MacBook had a wonky NVIDIA graphics chip that required a logic board replacement. But, even though both machines had batteries that eventually held as much charge as a piece of Saran wrap, I could still use them if they were plugged into the wall power socket.

This is where the latest and greatest Apple computer truly distinguished itself from basically every other computer I’ve ever used. Once the battery ran out of juice, it didn’t power on. Even if the AC adapter was connected to the computer and the wall receptacle. You read that right. At that point I was the proud owner of a multi-thousand dollar paperweight. In ‘space gray.’

To add insult to injury, not all Apple stores have the ability to troubleshoot such an issue nor the tools to pull data from a dead device since the model is so new. I learned that today from my appointment at the Genius Bar. Only a nearby flagship store has the setup and the training to run diagnostics and pull data. To that realization I could only think, “What. The. F_ck.”

For the most part, I really like Apple products. I’ve owned a fair number of them over the years and they usually work without a hitch. This experience has me worried that they’re starting to lose their way. I mean, a computer that doesn’t work when plugged in? Just sad…

So I hate to say it, but this will probably be my last Apple computer. At least with a PC, I have a chance of quickly fixing some hardware issues myself. These new Macs seem to be too svelte for their own good.

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