Archiving SACDs – an update

A while back I wrote about a way to archive your SACDs onto your computer using disc players based off a specific MediaTek chipset. I’m happy to report that the actual process is much simpler than the posts I referenced. Here is the ten step process that I used for my Oppo BDP-103:

  1. Prepared the USB stick according to the directions in this post
  2. Downloaded ISO2DSD from Sonore
  3. Connected the player to the local network using wired Ethernet
  4. Powered up the player with the USB stick in the front port
  5. Entered setup menu and disabled autoplay and noted the IP address of the player on the LAN
  6. Inserted SACD into player
  7. Started ISO2DSD and selected ‘Server Input’ and changed ‘Output Mode’ to Sony DSF
  8. Changed IP address to the one from Step 5
  9. Clicked on ‘Execute’
  10. Sat back and relaxed as the SACD was archived to individual DSF files

At this point, you can pack the DSF files into a FLAC container for use with the DSD over PCM (DoP) protocol. This seems to be the only way to play them on an external DAC for Mac and Linux users. Sonore made another handy utility, called DSD2FLAC just for this express purpose.

Windows users can download foobar2000 components to decode the DSF files directly. You can find them here.

Happy archiving and listening!

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