Archiving SACDs with an Oppo or Pioneer player

UPDATE – I’ve outlined my setup and the steps I use to archive SACDs in a new post, which can be found here.

If you’re like me and have more than a few SACDs laying around, chances are you’ve been wondering if there’s an easy way to archive them. The answer is, of course, no (thanks Sony!) unless you were lucky enough to own a PlayStation 3 and didn’t update its firmware in, oh, ever. Fortunately, I came across a promising alternate path on the Computer Audiophile forums. This involves using a Blu-ray player based on the Mediatek MT8580 (e.g. Oppo BDP-103 / 105) or MT8560 chipsets (e.g. Pioneer BDP-160 / 170. Apparently, the process loads a minimalist Linux-based system onto the player in order to interface with the chipset and works in conjunction with a Windows-based program in order to stream the SACD data across your local area network to a target folder on a PC. Gory details can be found in the following relevant posts – links here, here, and here.

I haven’t tried the process yet, but it seems to work for some forum members – and I plan on updating this post or making an entirely new one when I do give SACD ripping with my Oppo the old college try. Hopefully, it works for you.

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