Stop being so antisocial.

I’ve never found one good reason to say to anybody that I’m an audiophile. And right now, off the top of my head, I can’t even think of any situation where being known as the crazy person with giant pair of non-Beats headphones is a distinct social advantage. Ok, I take that back, I can think of a few – and one particular instance that’s going to happen quite soon in my general vicinity.

A Head-Fi meet.

That’s right. Can you believe it that there may be people around you right now who not only know what the difference is between a transistor and a vacuum tube is but, more importantly, care about the difference? Personally, I think the explosion at the confluence of headphone audio and high fidelity is spectacular. Not only is it easier than ever to take hi-fi with you, but you can more easily share your experience with others. Nobody has to lug giant speakers and gut-busting amps around. Nope, everything fits in the trunk of a car. Or maybe the trunk and the backseat. Any more space than that and I think you might have a diagnosable condition. Ahem.

No longer are we confined to sonic islands of our own making. No longer do we need to tidy up our houses and invite people over to have them take turns in the “sweet spot” and ruin our personal permanent divots in the middle of our favorite listening couch or chair. Now we can schedule a conference room at an obliging library or hotel and swarm upon the unsuspecting location like a horde of starving bees, thirsting for a taste of some lovely aural nectar. Or, as it usually goes, we all get together and pretty much quietly listen to each other’s setups.

That is, until the solid-state vs. tube amp cage match!

But really, get out there to the audio shows and meetups. Just because you’re “in the closet” about your habit doesn’t mean you have to be antisocial.

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