First, is that a word?

Second, what is it about this hobby that breaks down every barrier to spending all the money in your budget (and then some). I mean, you draw a line in the sand but it just so happens that you remember – hey, it’s sand – and suddenly the line is redrawn farther out. First by inches, then by feet, hopefully stopping before you get to miles with your pockets turned all inside out and a somewhat pained look of horror on your face.

Oh I know that you think you’re different. I’m disciplined, you say to yourself. You and I know better, though. Humans do better with some boundaries. Didn’t you see The Matrix? The machines tried to give us what we wanted at every turn, but in the end our minds wouldn’t accept the programming. What, you say that The Matrix is just fiction and I shouldn’t be basing any conclusions on a Keanu Reeves film? Well… whatever.

For me it started with speakers. No, let me back up. It started with a casual, offhand remark from my better half about how my setup lacked a certain oomph down below. (Stop your snickering.) In other words, no audiophile wants to hear the following:

“The bass is kinda weak…”

Or maybe we do. Because our audiophile mind translates that to, “Honey, spend whatever you have to so we can get some thunder with the lightning.” Of course, what she really meant was, “You bought this instead of a car? Where’s the thump thump?”

Now, of course, we could talk about speaker placement and calculating room modes, and measurements. But that involves numbers, math and busting out a tape measure and it’s all just soooo boring. Throw out some greenbacks and bring me the bass, egghead! America!

And, of course, those new speakers demand – nay deserve – a new amp. Most likely that new amp will just spotlight the deficiencies in your current source(s), so those will have  to be updated, otherwise you won’t be hearing your system at its best. Now lets talk about wires… what you say? You can’t afford a couple meters of hyper-uber-super-litz woven copper plated with unobtanium? Well, I don’t think you can afford not to.

And so on.

Then when we finally successfully carve out a few precious minutes to sit down and actually listen to what we’ve created, what do we hear? All the things that are wrong.



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