I will never buy wires again

hate wiring up my stereo. I absolutely deplore it. I have one of those speakers that practically begs to be bi-wired and in my addled audiophile state, I unfortunately agree to it. It must sound better, right? Right?

So this is what happens when you need to connect two pairs of spades to a single pair of output terminals: a lot of cursing the high heavens and a solemn personal pledge to never have to deal with tightening down nuts while using one hand to stabilize four spade lugs ever again. Have you ever seen a middle-aged man nearly brought to tears because two freakin’ spade lugs just refused to cooperate and simply lie on top of each other so that sound may emanate from a semi-enclosed box? I have. It’s not pretty.

There you have it. Henceforth, I am never going to change the wires in my system. Unless the whole damn thing catches fire and the only action that will save the house from crashing down around me is to quickly disconnect the speakers from the amp.

In that case, though, I’d really have to think about it.

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