Hey there…


I know what you’re going to say. I share the same affliction that you do. I care about how music sounds. A lot.

Some people in the medical community might use our behavior as the textbook definition of ‘insanity’. But you and I know that it goes much further than that.

In any case, welcome. No one’s going to judge you here. Nope, that’s reserved for your significant other. And are they peering over your shoulder while simultaneously rolling their eyes? Why, yes they are. (Next time I recommend putting up BuzzFeed on a separate tab so that you can quickly switch to it in a desperate last-ditch attempt to appear ‘normal’ to such casual observers.)

I’m an audiophile too. An amateur one at that. What does that mean exactly? Is my writing amateurish? Most undoubtedly so. Is my behavior amateurish? Those closest around me would probably say, “Yes.” Perhaps a little too enthusiastically.

But, like you, I wonder what different types of equipment sound like. And on the rare occasion when I do get to try out new stuff, I’ll post my impressions here. Hopefully it’ll be witty, insightful, and entertaining. Or perhaps it’s one of those deals when you can have one or two but not all three. I guess we’ll see.

I’ll probably also write about the ‘audiophile experience’ as I like to call it. This might be about the first time I heard true ‘hi-fi’ sound. Or what happens when you let slip to some of your acquaintances or colleagues that you’re an audiophile. Even tips and tricks on how to hide your purchases from your s.o. (Just kidding about that last one.)

Maybe in time I’ll even post some stories from <gasp> actual readers of this blog. That is, readers besides me.

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